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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: May 16, 2021

There are numerous ways in which an individual can detox clutter from the mind. This includes spiritual ways such as prayer, singing, meditation, and reading spiritual resources. Other ways include mindfulness, quiet time, walking in nature, swimming, exercising, getting grounded as you walk bare feet, and so on.

Whatever practice you find fit and fulling do it, do it without fear or feeling embarrassed. It is okay to detox your mind. It is okay to clear your mind.

Remember.. Your mind guides the path of your life so do all you can to keep it free from toxins.

You attract what you are.

I have made it a spiritual practice to detox my mind every evening through gratitude meditation through I am ... What follows I determine your Emotions, your Feelings, your state of being. What you think of most creates your reality.

I am grateful

I am here and now

I am loved

I am of sound mind

I am free from contamination

I am a voice for good

I am calm

I am abundant

I am confident

I am powerful

I am grateful because of who I am.

I am divinely guided. I am not alone.


Please share and comment let me know your mind detox rituals

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