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How to Answer Interview Questions About Handling Stress (Part 2)

Tip for Your Work Life:

  1. Take breaks. To be successful, it’s important to pay attention to what you do each day, as well as what you say during an interview. Start by pausing at least once each hour to keep stress from building up. Stretch your muscles or take deep breaths.

  2. Use vacation days. Research shows that going on at least one vacation a year helps protect your mental and physical health. Use your time off to reconnect with your loved ones and explore new places.

  3. Avoid excess overtime. Productivity declines dramatically if you frequently work more than 50 hours a week. Prioritize your tasks and limit distractions. Start your day with your quitting time in mind.

  4. Limit multitasking. Try to focus on one activity at a time. Otherwise, you risk damaging your brain. Head scans show that switching between tasks for a prolonged period can lower your brain density, in addition to causing fatigue.

  5. Set realistic expectations. Are you trying to do too much? Calculate how long your main responsibilities take and budget enough time to complete them without rushing.

  6. Stay active. Regular exercise is one of the most constructive ways to relax. Make it part of an overall healthy lifestyle that will keep you strong and resilient.

It’s helpful for you and your future employer to recognize the impact of job-related stress. Your interview could be a starting point for maintaining a healthy and supportive work environment.

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