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Declutter Your Life From the Inside Out by First Decluttering Your Mind

Benefits of a Decluttered Mind

The best place to begin to declutter your life is from the inside. Many people overlook the benefits a healthy mind can offer. The mind can become bogged

down with emotional baggage and seriously impact a person's ability to function. Decision making can become a challenge and coping with problems may feel nearly impossible when you do not have a clear mental state; therefore, it is important to learn how to free your mind of unnecessary clutter. Since everyone is different there is no one-size-fits all method to clear your mind of clutter; however, the following are some common techniques that can begin you on your journey to decluttering your life by first decluttering your mind!

All in Good Time: Schedules Alleviate some of your mental stress by creating a schedule. When you have all tasks organized and planned out, with free time added in between, a significant amount of tension will be lifted. You will live more efficiently and suffer from fewer overwhelming moments. You cannot plan for everything, and schedules must be altered from time to time. However, having a solid schedule for the things you know you must do, prioritized by importance, can make a huge difference in your mental stress. Plus, this is a great way of guaranteeing you have time set aside to practice your mind-decluttering techniques.

Meditation for a Clear Mind Meditation is a popular tool to help declutter your life and your mind. You do not have to meditate the old fashioned way. Try this more modernized technique: begin with music you enjoy. Some people benefit from uplifting tunes or classic songs while others may prefer something edgier. The genre is entirely up to you, and it does not have to be relaxation music. Next, find a private area that you can isolate yourself from others and distractions. Begin by playing the music. It is helpful to have a playlist, or you can loop the same song if you prefer, as long as you do not have to get up and restart the music when the song ends. The music is acting as a guide to help you begin to declutter your life. Get comfortable on a bed, couch, chair or the floor. If you choose to lie down, make sure you do not fall asleep! Listen to the music as it fills the area around you. Close your eyes and focus on it. Allow your body to completely relax. It is best to lie on your back or sit with your arms limp to promote complete relaxation. Pick out an underlying sound in the song and follow it. Let your mind become engulfed in it as you trail the sound through the song. This allows your mind and body to focus on something else while relaxing and enjoying good music.

Use Words to Remove Tension Written words are a powerful tool to declutter your life. How you use them is up to you. Some people prefer to write in a journal. This can be completely private and no one else has to see it. If you are concerned about others finding your written thoughts, consider jotting them down on a paper and then throwing it away or destroying it after you are done. Another good way to use written words is to write letters. This is often done when negative feelings arise towards another person in your life. Once the letter is written, store it somewhere or throw it away. The idea is to get your feelings out on the paper, rather than on the person. This can actually work another way as well. When you are feeling depressed or down, pen a positive letter to a friend. This will help remind you of the good things so you can stay focused. You can even send the letter if you want to! It is important to remember when you declutter your life you must strive to remove negative feelings and stay focused on the good things. Begin to declutter your life now, starting with your mind. You will feel better, work more effectively and suffer from fewer setbacks. Plus, when bad things happen, you will be better equipped to handle them when your mind is clear of clutter!

Amanda Johnson is a Clutter Free Enthusiast who enjoys helping others live a clutter free life. To learn more about Clutter Free Living and the benefits it will bring to your life, check out Amanda's website here.

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